More than just an app. It's a toolkit for growing.

We aim to teach valuable skills while having fun! The app presents practical activities to raise everyday awareness and teaches quick, easy ways to balance the nervous system when tough emotions rush in. 

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How do we make emotional intelligence fun? Watch below.

Helping little hearts navigate big feelings

At Mindful Kids, we aim to provide practical tools to help kids identify emotions and process them rather than defaulting to a reactive state. Think of as the voice to the cool aunt, who has been around, knows what’s up, and speaks from a place of experience. who spread kindness and compassion in all of their relationships.


Build Compassion & Empathy

Creating awareness of emotions and the world around you, helps you step into other people’s shoes and respond with compassion. 


Improve Emotional Regulation

Engaging in conversations about emotions builds self-awareness, and equips children with tools to process what they’re experiencing rather than just reacting.


Grow in Self-Awareness

The meaning we ascribe to experiences in childhood create the thought patterns and beliefs that we live by for the rest of our lives. Making children aware of these thoughts empowers them to choose what they want to believe about themselves.


Reset & Balance the Nervous System

Learning about the ever evolving tools that come forth, empowers you, as a grownup, to create practical ways to help kids hit “reset” in tough moments.

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Spread Love, Joy, and Peace

By building mindful habits we are growing a garden full of emotionally intelligent kids, who we hope will grow into adults who spread kindness and joy.